Study from a Leading Humanities Colleges in India

In this competitive world, it has become difficult for the students to make a choice in the career. There are a number of courses that help them in making a career in different fields. Nowadays, a relevant degree from a recognized university is not sufficient to get a good job. In addition to it, the candidate needs to be an all-rounder. Besides, qualification, it is important to have the leadership qualities and confidence to face the new challenges.

To become a strong personality, the students must take admission in top universities and pursue trending courses. At JLSH, the students can pursue a course in which the students are trained in the best manner. During the course, they are offered one-month internships in between every semester. In the final year of the course, the students have the freedom to choose a major subject in which they would like to hold the specialization. For them, it is as an area for the concentrated study on which they have to write and submit a thesis.

The students studying in three-year B.A. in Liberal Arts and Humanities can pursue specialization in any of the subjects such as Economics, Environment and Sustainability, Expressive Arts (Visual Arts), Global Studies, History, International Business, Literary Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and self-designed.

On completion of graduation, the students are open to a variety of possibilities for making a successful career in the future. They are prepared well in advance to pursue any career in such a competitive world. The strong critical and creative thinking skills of the graduates are improved. They are turned into effective communicators that can influence everyone in the organization.

Besides studying and excelling on the academic front, they are provided a chance to participate in cultural activities. They get a chance to play an important role in debates, cultural activities, sports, social events, and more. In different ways, they get an opportunity to make a contribution to university too. This brings in them more confidence to carry the responsibilities and excel in their role. During the course, the candidates are offered a chance to participate in summer and winter internships.

With a degree from one of the leading humanities colleges in India, the graduates can make a successful career in different fields such as journalism, publishing, advertising, design, non-government organizations, corporate communications, public relations, corporate sector, performing arts, and more. While working in any of the industries, the students are able to adapt things easily.

The graduates from JLSH turn out to be critical thinkers and effective communicators. With a degree from the university, they have the ability to pursue higher degree professional and academic courses in the future. According to their interest, they can achieve a masters’ degree too from one of the top liberal studies colleges in India. With a higher degree, the students get more opportunities to excel in their career. They get opportunities to work at higher levels with the leading organizations across the world.

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