Jobs to pursue after getting a degree of Journalism

If you are looking for career in Journalism, then you are options are not limited to traditional media only. We are discussing exciting career options that can be pursued after passing out from top journalism colleges in India.

Career options

  1. Content marketer- If you are passionate about writing, then industries require strong writers. Content marketers make videos, images and articles for creating brand awareness, participate in conversations and upsell products.
  2. Copywriter- After doing journalism courses in India, a copywriter develop message that is delivered. If you are super-creative, persuasive and have convincing skills, then you must take this opportunity.
  3. Corporate communication specialist- The job profile includes creating and distributing news and managing company intranet.
  4. Editor- Editors are required at every stage of publishing process such as newspapers, magazines and online media outlets.
  5. Grant writer- The writers utilize the persuasive talents to seek the importance of NGOs.
  6. Public relations specialist- the person concern maintain and create favourable public image for the companies as they put together and represent media releases to increase brand awareness and public perception.
  7. Reporter- The main responsibility of the reporter is to inform the public about events and news. They also conduct interviews and investigate stories. They function in tight deadlines and strive to publish the story.
  8. Social media specialist- The person works for social media platforms for building a reputation. They analyse and review data to improve the company’s social shareability.
  9. Sports information director- As a sports information director, you will assist regional, local and national sports journalists to attain the stories required from school athletes and coaches.

Hence, these are the above-mentioned career options that you can pursue after doing journalism courses in India.


Scope of Liberal arts in India

The liberal education in India enable to adopt new responsibilities and challenges. The liberal art students use their skills like communication, analytical, logical and problem solving to thrive in the dynamic world. It offers an excellent career option and an opportunity to be the creative thinkers and think out of the box that is required in the today’s business world.

The liberal education In India provide an opportunity to study various subjects that provide an edge over other specialized degrees.

Eligibility criteria for Liberal Arts

If you are a serious student and want to study liberal arts education with some practical courses in business domain, then there are many liberal arts colleges in India. The course is designed for getting the required change in the problems that are faced on the daily basis. This course will never become obsolete. A liberal art course is more than medicine, sciences, art, business and humanities.

More specific career avenues for you:

  1. Job opportunity in Academics- The students pursuing liberal art degree have become leaders in the field of academia. Many students have taught many disciplines such as History, art, Philosophy, languages and women’s studies. The knowledge and skills gained from liberal arts course increase an extra dimension to research, explore and teach a subject of choice. The prominent figure with a degree in Liberal Arts is the founder of All India Geography Olympiad. Mrs. Pushpa Pilani. She pursued her post-graduation and graduation from Rajasthan University.
  2. Career in Non-profit organizations and Government sector- The liberal art people work with different government of other countries for managing embassies and foreign affairs. You can also get the opportunity to work in policy research, development and work.
  3. Career in arts- Be it commercial art, photography, graphic, painting interior and visual design, a course in liberal arts let you to follow your passion and build your career. The artists are paid well depending on the creative bend.
  4. Other career options- Whether you select Biology, Marketing, Advertising, Event planning, business, social sciences, environment, finance, law and counselling or any other field, you can easily pursue it. That’s the type of freedom liberal education in India offer.

Benefits of studying liberal art degree:

This course will trigger positive shifts in your creativity, personality and work ethic. This course is designed to tap the intellectual attributes of youth and allow the productivity and thought process to evolve.

There are many colleges that are been opened in Delhi NCR offering this course to young students. Also, youth are eager to pursue this course. They want to do this course to express independence in their thought process, ideology and living. What I will recommend is that if you are looking for such courses, then you can take admission in liberal arts colleges in India. It will help you to pursue the career of your choice.


Jobs can be taken after getting degree in humanities

Are you planning to do your graduation in humanities? If so, then there are great opportunities after getting degree from one of the top 10 humanities colleges in India. Hence, we are discussing unique and interesting jobs that are perfect for you.Various job options are discussed below:

  1. Advertising sales agent- The students with humanities major are best for the job of advertising sales agent. This job profile need excellent communication skills.
  2. Technical writer- You can show your skills of writing by being a technical writer. Judge the audience and write as per their need.
  3. Artist- You can utilize the communication skills that is gained during your study period. You can set up your website or become a freelancer for newspapers and magazines.
  4. Counselling- A bachelor degree in humanities is perfect from best humanities colleges in India if you want to become a counsellor.
  5. Event organizer- If you are passionate about planning and organizing events, then this field is for you.
  6. Public relation manager- This field require strong writing, reading and interpersonal skills.
  7. Travel agent- You can help the people to plan their dream vacation.
  8. Editor- You can become an editor and may edit other people’s work.
  9. Museum curator- If you are passionate about job at a museum, then you can become a curator.
  10. Genealogist- If you love to learn history about their origins and people, then this job is for you.
  11. Journalist- If writing is your area of interest, then you can look around to newspapers and blogs.

As a student of humanities from the best humanities colleges in India are well-versed with the subject and are excellent writer and great communicators. Hence, you can look for these job profiles.


Study from a Leading Humanities Colleges in India

In this competitive world, it has become difficult for the students to make a choice in the career. There are a number of courses that help them in making a career in different fields. Nowadays, a relevant degree from a recognized university is not sufficient to get a good job. In addition to it, the candidate needs to be an all-rounder. Besides, qualification, it is important to have the leadership qualities and confidence to face the new challenges.

To become a strong personality, the students must take admission in top universities and pursue trending courses. At JLSH, the students can pursue a course in which the students are trained in the best manner. During the course, they are offered one-month internships in between every semester. In the final year of the course, the students have the freedom to choose a major subject in which they would like to hold the specialization. For them, it is as an area for the concentrated study on which they have to write and submit a thesis.

The students studying in three-year B.A. in Liberal Arts and Humanities can pursue specialization in any of the subjects such as Economics, Environment and Sustainability, Expressive Arts (Visual Arts), Global Studies, History, International Business, Literary Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and self-designed.

On completion of graduation, the students are open to a variety of possibilities for making a successful career in the future. They are prepared well in advance to pursue any career in such a competitive world. The strong critical and creative thinking skills of the graduates are improved. They are turned into effective communicators that can influence everyone in the organization.

Besides studying and excelling on the academic front, they are provided a chance to participate in cultural activities. They get a chance to play an important role in debates, cultural activities, sports, social events, and more. In different ways, they get an opportunity to make a contribution to university too. This brings in them more confidence to carry the responsibilities and excel in their role. During the course, the candidates are offered a chance to participate in summer and winter internships.

With a degree from one of the leading humanities colleges in India, the graduates can make a successful career in different fields such as journalism, publishing, advertising, design, non-government organizations, corporate communications, public relations, corporate sector, performing arts, and more. While working in any of the industries, the students are able to adapt things easily.

The graduates from JLSH turn out to be critical thinkers and effective communicators. With a degree from the university, they have the ability to pursue higher degree professional and academic courses in the future. According to their interest, they can achieve a masters’ degree too from one of the top liberal studies colleges in India. With a higher degree, the students get more opportunities to excel in their career. They get opportunities to work at higher levels with the leading organizations across the world.


Pursue a Degree in Liberal Studies from Top Humanities Colleges

For becoming a successful professional and enjoy a prosperous career, the students must gather all the information about the latest courses. Many students wish to become engineers and doctors. But, apart from the regular medical and engineering courses, there are different and unique courses that can offer a lucrative career. These courses are offered by the leading universities. The students can hold specialization in such field and make a successful career.

Various humanities colleges in India are offering courses at graduate, post graduate and doctorate level. After completing schooling, the students can pursue a three-year B.A. in Liberal Arts and Humanities. Under this course, the candidates can hold specialization in any of the subjects of their choice. They can choose the subject from History, Environment and Sustainability, Expressive Arts (Visual Arts), Economics, Global Studies, International Business, Political Science, Literary Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, and more.

The students are provided admission in the course if they match the eligibility criteria. During the course, they are offered one-month internships after each semester. In the third year, the candidates are free to select any of the subjects as a major to pursue specialization in it. For students, it is an important subject of study, on which they have to prepare and submit a thesis. Besides providing academic knowledge, professors pay attention to their all-round development. When pursuing the course form a leading university, the candidates are turned into a strong personality. With an impressive personality, it becomes easy for the students to crack the interview.

On completion of the course, the students become confident to face all the challenges in the interview. In addition, they are offered with a degree that allows them to work in the leading organizations. With knowledge gained during the course and confidence, the candidates are able to tackle the situation on their own. Moreover, during the internship, the candidates are provided a complete idea of dealing with the challenges. They have all the strategies ready in advance to tackle the situation in favour of the company. While working with the company, their aim is to get the best result.

After completing the studies, the candidates can work in various sectors. By pursuing a course from any of the leading humanities colleges in India, the graduates can work in the preferred field. They have options to work in various industries such as advertising, design, public relations, journalism, corporate communications, publishing, corporate sector, performing arts, non-government organizations, and more.

Besides a degree from the leading colleges, the candidates are able to improve their analytical thinking. They turn out to be critical thinkers and effective communicators, which is really helpful for the organization. On completing the course, the candidates have a choice to do a job or study further. According to their personal interest, they can go for higher studies and attain a masters’ degree in liberal studies. With a higher degree, there are more chances of getting better work opportunities offering higher positions.